A range of tools to support and affirm parents, children and families in a partnership for lifelong learning success.


Depending on your situation you may choose to undertake one or more of the following steps: 

  • Discussion to clarify concerns, priorities and a pathway forward

  • Assessment and analysis of skills for learning and personal growth – collated into a comprehensive report. This does not include diagnosis of any disorder

  • Identification of Strengths and enablers which include skills/talents and personal strengths – collated into a comprehensive report

  • A comprehensive learning plan with personalized strategies and resources using strengths and enablers identified

  • Connection and partnering with your school or other professionals as appropriate and with agreement

  • Ongoing check-in and review of progress. 

If support outside of the scope of the 2flourish process is identified, further expertise will be recommended.

We provide an initial free discussion of your needs and applicability of the process.

The 2flourish process involves meeting times plus time for analysis and reporting on assessments as well as creating specific resources for your child. We tailor the process for your particular situation. We are able to meet with you at your home as well as supporting phone calls and emails. The process is provided at $125+gst/hr.

As an ethical independent practice, 2flourish adheres to: