The 2flourish process is designed to partner with you and your child to discover and enable the strengths of individuals and their family. We emphasise:

  • Strengths NOT Struggle
  • Potential NOT Problems
  • Development NOT Deficits
  • FLOURISHING NOT Floundering
2flourish process map colour.JPG

The 2flourish process will give you:

  • Clear understanding of your child’s strengths, personal competencies and areas for development.
  • Clear understanding of your family strengths, values and priorities for your child
  • Guidance on using strengths to support identified challenges and areas for development
  • Clear understanding of how to access appropriate support services
  • Connection and partnering with your school as appropriate and with agreement
  • Understanding and connection with aligned expertise as appropriate
  • Action steps and strategies to achieve realistic and relevant goals
  • Ongoing support as agreed and as appropriate

If support outside of the scope of the 2flourish process is identified, further expertise will be recommended.

We provide an initial 30 minute free discussion of your needs and applicability of the process.

The process is provided at $125+gst/hr. The 2flourish process involves meeting times plus time for analysis and reporting on assessments as well as creating specific resources for your child. We tailor the process for your particular situation. Typically, there are 3-4 meetings throughout the process; each being approximately 1- 2 hours. Assessments take 2-3 hours depending on need. We are able to meet with you at your home as well as supporting phone calls and emails. 

As an ethical independent practice, 2flourish adheres to: