"individuals who use their strengths report greater levels of well-being and increased progress towards their goals" Hone et.al (2015)

Being a parent is the single most important, rewarding, joyous and challenging role we can have. Children are all unique and don't arrive with an instruction manual. We can't web search for information and guidance that is specifically tailored to an individual child and family. Sometimes, accessing the help and support you need when you have growing concerns can feel like a puzzle. Having support and a plan to traverse the challenges and help your kids to develop necessary skills and abilities so they can flourish into their unique potential requires an investment of energy, time and commitment.

We live in dynamic times; the skills and attributes required for success in the future are changing. "technical skills will need to be supplemented with strong social and collaboration skills." Emotional intelligence is a high priority. (World Economic Forum Report, 2016). Supporting our kids to develop resilience, self control, optimism and gratitude at the same time as supporting their academic progress with specific tools and resources is enormously important.

Increasing evidence is showing the benefits at home and school of using a strengths based approach to support children and families. 2flourish can help you to help your child discover their best, work towards being their best, and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Self discipline outdoes IQ in predicting academic performance of adolescents.
— Duckworth & Seligman (2005)